We are a food creative studio of designers. We design, we stage and we know chefs around the world. We stand for food but also for an atmosphere. We stage culinary moments as well as shows. Because eating is not just about survival it’s also a way to share stories,memories, fun and         love. We got that extra salsa. To spice things up.

A pinch of vavavoom to rock your world. So let’s roll. Get a move on. Live La Bouche Experiences. And make the savory magic happen.





























Studio La Bouche was founded in 2014 by Bénédicte Bantuelle, creative director. As the co-founder of Restaurant Bouchéry & the coordinator of the Master Food Design at L’Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts of Brussels, she wanted to express her vision of the good and the beautiful in a new way. So, now, she is staging the edible world as an everevolving show.


Rapidly, La Bouche has expanded with different and complementary profiles. We have here : Damien Bouchery, chef ; Hanna Deroover, food designer & sociologist specialized in food studies ; Maxime Defert, food & interior designer ; Carol Laurent, business activator & art curator ; Lyse Lecrit, food designer.


Now, the six of them are the basis of this multi disciplinary studio focusing on food. They develop experiences, settings, scenography & concept around that vital element. They translate and rewrite a whole universe into tastes, textures, smells, lights and sounds.



Their creative collaborators are Théophile Calot, Audrey Schayes, Ramatou Bouckat, Sophie Carrée and Pauline Debelle.











General : info@studiolabouche.com
Press : press@sophiecarree.be








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